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 Each of the flash intros shown on these pages is absolutely free.
 You do not need to own the Flash program to customize these intro pages.
 Each Flash intro comes with a simple text file (.TXT) in which you type your own text.
 Anywhere you see "variable text" is text that can be changed by you.
 Most intros are less that 100K in file size (for faster loading on your website).
 Contact us for enhanced customization or additional features you may want added.
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Dragon Breath Flash Intro Page
Fire Breathing Dragon
Dragon Breath flash intro page - Dragon breathing fire
view      download
Photographer Flash Intro Page
Camera Shutter Clicking
Photographer flash intro page - Camera shutter sound effect
view      download
Tree Flash Intro Page
Gradient Line Structure
Tree flash intro page
view      download
Rose Flash Intro Page
Hummingbird With Red Rose
Rose flash intro page - Flying hummingbird
view      download
Black Spheres Flash Intro Page
Rotating Black Orbs
Black Spheres flash intro page
view      download
Blocks Flash Intro Page
Letter Grid Design
Blocks flash intro page
view      download
Maze Flash Intro Page
Small Object In Maze
Maze flash intro page
view      download
Strands Flash Intro Page
Gradient Balls Swirling
Strands flash intro page
view      download
Welcome Zoom Flash Intro Page
Disappears Into Hole
Welcome Zoom flash intro page
view      download
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